About us

Average resolution time
is only 25 minutes

80% of most common issues are resolved within 25 minutes.

Extensive experience

We have solved a variety of technical issues.

12 years on the market

We have been rendering high quality IT services for 12 years.

Emergency calls

We are open 24/7.

we solve problems
in 25 minutes

We solve 80% of standard problems online in 25 minutes

rich experience
solving problems

Over the years we have solved a variety of technical problems

12 years
on the market

We have been offering high-quality services in the IT field for 12 years


We will help you at any time, we work around the clock

Why use our services?


Hardware maintenance and repair.

No tech wizard
on staff

We'll give you a hand if you have no one in your company to address the issue.

Your IT guy
is on leave

You can contract one of our techs if your engineer is on leave.

Managed services
Keeping a professional technician on staff can be expensive. We can work as a MSP contractor you can always contact whenever you need our services.
with technology

Problems with office equipment occur every day, and we quickly solve them

is not available

We will help if you need urgent repairs without a full-time technician


If your specialist went on vacation, we will allocate our specialist for a while


A professional specialist on staff is expensive, so we can replace him

Our services

How we work

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Solve your equipment problems with our help.
Today only, 15% discount on installing new software!

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