HP 3D Printer Portfolio & Technology

MULTI jet fusion (MJF)

Delivers high-resolution parts with excellent durability due to strong layer fusion. Enables complex geometries and internal channels without support structures, reducing post-processing and production time.

3D Printing Design Services

direct energy deposition (DED)

Creates near-net-shape metal parts with exceptional strength and functionality. Excels in applications requiring complex geometries, high-performance metals, and the freedom to repair or add features to existing components.

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fused deposition modelling (FDM)

Offers the most user-friendly and affordable option for quick prototyping and design iteration. FDM's vast material selection allows for functional parts with specific properties and even color options.


OUR services

3D Printing Design Services

Design & customisation services

Our team of experts collaborates with clients to design and customize parts specifically tailored to their requirements, leveraging the capabilities of additive manufacturing for optimal performance and functionality.

Print anywhere, Print whenever by HP 3D Printing

on demaNd parts delivery

Through streamlined production processes, we offer on-demand manufacturing and swift delivery of parts, enabling clients to minimize inventory costs and respond rapidly to changing market demands, ensuring enhanced operational efficiency.


3D Printing benefits

Streamline production processes, accelerated innovation, and enhanced efficiency across industries


Fostering rapid innovation through swift design iterations, prototyping, and seamless implementation in product development.


Move away from Standardisation to Customisation and Personalisation.

Light weighting and intricate structures for optimized performance and efficiency.

lead time

Expedited production cycles and faster time-to-market thanks to the streamlined processes enabled by 3D printing

no dead inventory

Eliminate the need for stocking and maintaining inventory by leveraging the on-demand printing capabilities of 3D printing technology.

industries we serve

We serve a diverse range of industries including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, consumer goods, and industrial manufacturing, providing innovative additive manufacturing solutions tailored to each sector's unique needs and requirements.

Aerospace and Drones

Our offerings focus on drones :

  • Advanced 3D-printed components for lightweight and aerodynamic drone structures.
  • Design refinement and accelerated development cycles.
  • Customized drone solutions tailored to specific mission requirements and performance metrics.
  • Collaboration with aerospace engineers to optimize drone performance, durability, and efficiency.


  • 3D-printed prototype parts for rapid iteration and testing of vehicle designs.
  • Customized components for lightweighting, performance enhancement, and aesthetic customization.
  • On-demand production of spare parts, reducing inventory costs and lead times for manufacturers and aftermarket suppliers.
  • Collaboration with automotive engineers to leverage additive manufacturing for innovative design solutions and production optimization.


In healthcare, our offerings focus on Orthotics and Prosthetics (O&P), providing:

  • Customized 3D-printed orthotic and prosthetic devices.
  • Design improvements and quick delivery of personalized solutions.
  • Advanced scanning and modelling technologies.
  • Collaboration with healthcare professionals to optimize patient outcomes and enhance mobility and quality of life.

industrial manufacturing

  • Customized 3D-printed tooling and fixtures for streamlined production processes and improved efficiency.
  • On-demand production of spare parts and components to reduce downtime and inventory costs.
  • Prototyping services for new product development and design validation.
  • Collaborative partnerships with industrial manufacturers to implement additive manufacturing solutions for cost savings and operational enhancements.


  • 3D-printed enclosures and housings for customized electronic devices and prototypes.
  • Additive manufacturing of heat sinks and other cooling components for improved thermal management.
  • Rapid prototyping of circuit board prototypes for design validation and testing.
  • Collaboration with electronics manufacturers to integrate additive manufacturing into production processes for improved design flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

consumer goods

  • Customized 3D-printed products tailored to individual preferences and needs.
  • On-demand manufacturing of personalized accessories, home decor and fashion items.
  • Rapid prototyping for quick iteration and testing of product designs.
  • Collaboration with consumer goods companies to leverage additive manufacturing for innovative product development and customization.

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