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why 3D Printing for drone manufacturing

By leveraging the capabilities of 3D printing, drone manufacturers can enhance the performance, customization, and cost-effectiveness of their products, ultimately driving innovation in the drone industry.


Design components to meet specific needs, including weight, aerodynamics, and functionality.


Print complex designs and shapes that are difficult to produce with traditional methods.


Design freedom enables quick prototyping and production  without costly tooling or lengthy lead times.


Reduce weight of your customized part without compromising on functionality and durability.

cost effective production

NO set up Costs. Cost-effective production of low-volume batches without the cost & hassles of moulds and fixtures

supply chain flexibility

On-demand production of parts  reduces streamline the supply chain especially in remote or inaccessible locations.

material variety

Wide range of materials, including various polymers, metals, and composites to best suit specific requirements whether it's for strength, flexibility, heat resistance, or other properties


Shorter lead times, reducing them from weeks to days. Faster turnaround time from Design-To-Delivery

Data source of Sigma Ingegneria S.r.l

Create on-demand, customised parts for drones that achieve necessary technical requirements and material properties.


Challenges for todays industrial drone manufacturers


Currently, the drone industry is facing several challenges

  • The weight of drones has to be reduced so higher payloads can be carried
  • Battery capacity has to increase to enable long flight times and distances
  • Payload bays have to be adapted to different sensors or other components
  • A short lead time for supply chain management
  • The legal boundaries have to be expanded – currently flight out of sight is limited to only a few countries.

Payload vs. drone weight

HP MJF can reduce weight! E.g. topology optimised designs. Design restriction are no longer causing heavy constructions

Battery capacity

Battery is a key component in Drones and increase capacity with reduced weight can determine the competence of the drone


Customisation and individualisation are a key advantage! 

Even when scaling up production, choosing other technologies would lead to a loss of flexibility, customisation,

Lead time

Short lead times are enabled by MJF: reducing lead times from weeks to days. Change in designs or requirement are frequent and requires the delivery of parts with faster turn around time from Design-To-Delivery

Legal limitations

The legal boundaries have to be expanded – currently flight out of sight is limited to only a few countries. 

When there are standard systems or each system is unique

Cost & Quality
Lot size 1 has no effect to the part cost!!

MJF offers best-in-class economics thanks to high throughput and High Reusability materials!



Karl-Kleppe-Straße 20, 40474 Düsseldorf, Germany
Source: Quantum Systems
Source: Aurea Avionics

Participation options

You can choose a tariff convenient for you

Reviews of successful graduates

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Applications: HP MJF 3D printing Support

Use - General prototyping, Manufacturing aids, General tooling.

When to use MJF (Partial use cases):

  • When you need freedom of design
  • For complex topology optimized lightweight structures
  • For Brackets, cargo components, sensor components
  • For covers and hoods
  • For freeform surfaces with complex internal structures
  • For landing gears

Structure & connectors

Optimize performance with lightweight designs
Integrate components to save weight

Freeform surfaces

Print relatively smooth freeform surfaces and with complex geometries

Landing Gears

Optimal material performance of PA12 allows for highly loaded parts

CFRP Tools

Print complex freeform moulds for CFRP forming

Engine Covers

Design complex surfaces with no limitations

Cargo bays

Customize also your cargo and sensor components over night
Data Source: Sigma Ingegneria
Source: HP MJF
Wing Connector
Approx. 180 parts per build
Source: HP MJF
Sensor Mounting Bracket
117 parts per build
Source: HP MJF
Locking Connector
3000 parts per build
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