Build VolumeBuild SpeedLayer ThicknessDimensional AccuracyMinimum Size Feature
15 x 11.2 X 15 inchUpto 5058 cm3/hr0.08 mm+-0.3%(0.5mm)
(380 X 284 X 380 mm)(309 in3/hr)(0.003 in)0.3 mm (+10.0.12in)0.020 in

Product Specifications: TVASHTR 500

The LAM-PF-DED system features a state-of-the-art architecture that ensures robust synchronization with proven industrial components. It includes a high-power Fiber laser (up to 2 kW), a 5-axis workstation in a glovebox, a computerized numerical controller, a coaxial nozzle, a twin powder feeder, gas analyzers, and a proposed thermal imaging camera. The laser beam is delivered through a delivery fiber and refractive focusing optics, utilizing a compact coaxial nozzle with shielding gas. The system supports a build envelope of 500 mm x 500 mm x 300 mm for laser additive manufacturing.
LaserMulti Mode Fiber Laser 2000 W Continuous Wave
Beam Diameter1-2.5 mm
Powder Feed Rate(316L)2-40 Gram/Min.
Build Rate (316 L)120-180 Gram/Hr
Processing Station Configuration5 Axis
XYZ Stroke500,500,300 mm
X-Y, Rotatory - Tilt Table Payload125 Kg, 60 Kg (Respectively)
ControllerMitsubishi M80 Type A
Material SupportNi Based Alloys, Fe Based Alloys, Ti Based Alloys, Cu Based Alloys, Ni Based Alloys, Colmonoy, Graphite
Pre-processing CAM SoftwareMasterCam A+ Additive Module
E/Connection400 Volt, 3NPE, 32 A, 50/60 Hz
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