Use Case

Carbon Footprint reduction in Commercial Buildings

Our solution is based on continuous measurement of energy consumption, faults, water consumption, and waste generation, analyzing data based on assets, patterns and benchmarks. There is a potential of reducing Co2 emissions by almost 20% through clean energy, reducing usage, and climate actions.

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Use Case

Improvement in Energy Consumption in a Shopping Mall

Reduce energy consumption entirely from real-time energy consumption monitoring and changes in accountability, responsibility, operation, maintenance, and control.

An estimated 10-20% reduction is envisaged as a result of implementing the solution along with 20-25% reduction in asset maintenance activities and increased asset life.

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Case Study

SAP Infrastructure Deployment

Before partnering, an Indian Real Estate Major struggled with fragmented data, inefficiencies, and limited insights. Deploying SAP streamlined operations, offered real-time analytics, and enabled scalability, leading to enhanced efficiency, improved decision-making, and superior customer service, positioning the client for sustained growth in the competitive market.

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Case Study

Building Hyper Converged IT Infrastructure for a leading real estate Company in india

About the Client

Business Issues

A Real Estate Major faced numerous challenges due to fragmented data management systems, disparate processes, and lack of real-time insights. Their IT existing infrastructure was unable to support their expanding operations, resulting in inefficiencies, delays in decision-making, and increased operational costs.

Key Issues:

  1. Data Fragmentation: Data was scattered across various systems, leading to inconsistency and redundancy.
  2. Inefficient Processes: Manual processes and siloed workflows hindered productivity and agility.
  3. Limited Insights: Lack of real-time data analytics made it difficult to make informed strategic decisions.
  4. Scalability Concerns: Existing infrastructure struggled to accommodate the growing needs of the organization.

How we helped

Our Solution

Our team of experts collaborated closely with Real Estate Major to design and deploy a comprehensive SAP infrastructure tailored to their specific needs. The solution included:

  1. Centralized Data Management: We implemented SAP S/4HANA, providing a unified platform for data integration and management. This allowed them to streamline their operations and eliminate data silos.
  2. Process Optimization: Leveraging SAP's best practices, we redesigned critical business processes to enhance efficiency and reduce cycle times. Automation was introduced to eliminate manual tasks and improve overall productivity.
  3. Scalable Infrastructure: Our scalable architecture ensured that the Client’s SAP infrastructure could grow seamlessly with their business, accommodating future expansion and evolving requirements.

Client Benefits

Results achieved

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: Streamlined processes and automation led to significant improvements in operational efficiency, reducing costs and increasing throughput.
  2. Improved Decision-Making: Real-time analytics provided actionable insights, enabling them to make informed decisions quickly and adapt to market dynamics effectively.
  3. Better Customer Service: With centralized data and streamlined processes, Client was able to deliver superior customer service, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  4. Scalability and Flexibility: The scalable SAP infrastructure provided the foundation for future growth, ensuring that the Client could easily scale their operations and adapt to changing business needs.
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