• How do I upload my Proxmox VE subscription key to my Proxmox VE host?
    • After your purchase has been confirmed you will receive a welcome email including the subscription key as well as some instructions on how to activate your key.

1.Login to your Client Area at the Proxmox online shop and go to "Services" - "My Services"

2.You will see a list with all your services, including the subscripton key (starting with "pve...")

3.Login to your Proxmox VE host, click on your host, and go to the tab "Subscription" and to "Upload Subscription Key". Insert the key.

Your Proxmox VE host will then automatically validate the key via an online connection to https://shop.proxmox.com - make sure that your host has access to https://shop.proxmox.com.

Every subscription key is bound to the unique "Server ID" of your server and is regularly checked for validity.

You can also trigger the check by clicking on "Check" on the Proxmox VE admin interface.

  • How many CPUs (or CPU-sockets) do I have?
    • A CPU socket (or slot) is a specific place on the motherboard where your CPU plugs in. Most motherboards have one, two, or four CPU sockets.

The CPU socket count is the number of CPU sockets on your motherboard that are actually occupied with a physical CPU.

There are different ways to find out how many CPU sockets are on your motherboard:

1.You can look up its specifications.

2.If you have Proxmox VE installed, go to the web interface of your Proxmox VE server. Select the node and go to the “Summary” tab – the socket count and the CPU name will be listed there.

3.Via command line: grep "physical id" /proc/cpuinfo | sort -u | wc -l

  • How many subscriptions do I need for my servers?
    • Each of your physical Proxmox VE servers will need a subscription that corresponds to the number of CPU sockets in that server (1 CPU, 2 CPU, or 4 CPU).

Each subscription key is then bound to the unique "Server ID" of your server.

For example:

If you have 4 x physical servers with 1 socket each, you'll need to order 4 x subscriptions for 1 CPU/year (and not: 1 subscription for 4 CPUs/year).

  • How many support tickets do I get in total if I buy two or more subscriptions?
    • With every subscription you purchase you’ll get a certain amount of included support tickets.

For example: If you run two physical servers with Proxmox VE and you order two Basic Subscriptions (each with three support tickets included) you have in total six support tickets, three for each physical server.)

  • I run a Proxmox VE Cluster. How many subscriptions do I need?
    • In a Proxmox VE cluster all nodes need to have the same subscription level.


Consider having a cluster with three nodes, each node has a physical 1 CPU-socket. You want to get a “Standard Subscription” for your cluster which means that you need to buy three “Standard Subscriptions” for 1-CPU Sockets.

  • Server change - How can I move my current subscription key to the new server?
    • If you want to move your subscription key to a new server, for example because you have replaced your hardware or you re-installed, you have to reissue your key via the Proxmox online shop.

1.Login to your client area. In the menu go to "Services" - "My Services" athttps://shop.proxmox.com/clientarea.php?action=services

2.Click on the subscription key you want to reissue;

3.Then click on the button "Reissue License";

4.Now upload the key to your server. After that click on "Check" in your subscription tab.

You can make a server change three times per key. If you need more server changes, you have to make a request via the contact formhttps://shop.proxmox.com/contact.php

If you have ordered your subscription via a Proxmox Partner, contact them for help.

  • Technical support questions?
    • To submit a technical support question please go to the Proxmox Customer Portal athttps://my.proxmox.comand submit your question there.

If you are a first time user you have to register and create a new user account first. After registration and login, go to your profile page and update your organization's details like for example company name, address, etc..

Note: The field 'Subscription Key(s)' cannot be edited.

As soon as you have ordered and paid your subscription, you can submit your first support ticket.

  • What is the Enterprise Repository?
    • The Enterprise Repository is the default, stable, and recommended package repository for the Proxmox solutions.It is available to all users with an active subscription.

With this repository you can update all important security fixes as soon as they arise. As all packages are heavily tested and thus stable, we highly recommend using it for production environments.

         Source: https://shop.proxmox.com/index.php?rp=/knowledgebase/1/Proxmox-VE

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